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Címlap Case studies

Case Studies

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47-year-old woman with a 3-months-old mammograph result of left side tumor. (Dg: Tu mammae l.s.met.lgl axill.l.s, greatest extension:  2X2.5cms, smallest:1X1,5cms with several glands involved. Apiration cyt.results: C5.Carcinoma ductale mammae).
At present she has no complaints, but a little nervous, has problems with sleep, feels tired and anxious about her physical state.

MeriDiM results:

Pericardium meridian: low value
Liver meridian: disbalance
Kidney meridian: low
Triple heater meridian: disbalance

All other meridians show normal values.


Point combination recommendations by MeriDiM were readily accepted by her to which I added some more crisis intervention points because of her mental state, as well as treated her tumor zone and immune stimulant points 5 times prior to the planned operation.
Meanwhile she got her CT results which showed no sign of a metastasis anywhere.
Ultrasound controlled operation had been planned, however the images made just before the planned operation time indicated tumor neither in the mamma, nor in the axilla.
The operation was cancelled, and her doctor ordered PET CT examination and very close control.
Over my treatment period she strictly adhered to the diet and took diligently the food supplements I recommended.

We agreed on a monthly control and in case of a sudden problem on prompt visits.

She thinks that those results are incredible and marvellous.

Keszthely, 27th of May, 2011
Gyöngyi Sz. natural healer

 37-year-old woman with a mammal tumor of several (3) centres. The tumors  almost filled her entire breast (3.5 cm, 2.8 cm, 2.3 cm).

The prior goal of treatment was to quit smoking, but I also treated by soft laser the additional  points indicated by MeriDiM.
She went for a CT after 8 treatment. The examination revealed only one tumor instead of three, its size was 1.5 cms.
I am amazed! The lady has quit smoking for 10 days now.

Gyöngyi Sz. natural healer

42-year-old woman asked for help in an agitated manner; she feared of death and felt a strong, pulsating pain in her chest, but did not want to visit a doctor. She thought of panic syndrome. Over the past year she had lost 12 kilos in the wake of losing her job with the burden of a huge mortgage. She felt herself as worthless. She had no appetite, and had constant bloating after each meal. At night had nightmares, slept very little. She was accompanied by her husband for the examination..

With slim, fragile figure, very nervous and agitated with shaking hands and feet. She cannot even hold a pencil. Constantly sweating and in a panic crying out loud occasionally: ’I don’t want to die’. Periodical heatwaves, almost to a boiling point.
Seemingly a lady in the clear state of a crisis; her face reflecting fear and anxiety to an extent that borders insanity.
Blood pressure: 140/110Hgmm.
Pulse is very swift, jumping, arrythmic.
Note: I objected to her objection to visiting a medical doctor, and had her sign a statement concerning that.

MeriDiM values:

Pericardium: low
Spleen: disbalance.
Liver: disbalance
Kidney: low
Small Intestine: disbalance
Triple heater: disbalance
Bladder: low.
Gall bladder: low

Recommended MeriDiM point combination is accepted by her readily, however I start therapy with the sedating-relaxing combination from the  ’List of Illnesses’ because of her apparent mental crisis. Treatment continued by laser 5 days later.

After treatment my client has calmed, her face has become tranquil. Shaking has stopped, her pulse has got normal. She smiled and said she was hungry.

She left in a calm, relaxed mood.

Her opinion about the examination and treatment: They both were shocked that her tragic state causing problems for 4-5 months then had been solved so fast without drugs.

Keszthely, 27th May, 2011
Gyöngyi Sz. natural healer

I have much good experience with MeriDiM and with ear acupuncture, but the most convincing case for me is that of my mother who used to be a medical doctor working in the field of research. 5 months before her death a tumor was diagnosed in her mouth cavity with the remark that it was too late, there was metastasis, so she was inoperable, there was no need to be in a hospital. Apart from pain killing there was nothing else to do. Her doctors suggested her to find a reliable natural healer (!). Up to her death  I treated her for about 5 months through the points indicated by  MeriDiM adding other points, namely those that were sensitive, plus from the ’List of Illnesses’ the tumor zone and relaxing-pain killing points. Until the end she did not have to take any drugs for pain killing (morphins were available for her through her doctors, but were never used, we gave back all of them). Last evening we talked to her, next morning she left us serenely.
I have already seen some people with the same tumor to decease, so that process was surprising to me and also to my family members of whom there are several doctors. My mother spent her last months with clear mind, could move well, and had no pain of whatsoever. As she did not receive any other type of treatment (according to her doctors she would not have tolerated them,) it is clear that auriculotherapy  made her life and death easier
I treated her solely by laser, as she did not tolerate well needle insertion.

Budapest, 2011.
András István Erdélyi, natural healer
auriculotherapist, alternative massage and movement therapist

The 70-year-old lady in good physical condition came to me because of her 2-year-long incontinency. At the start of the therapy she had to use incontinency-wads day and night. She told me about her long-time haemorrhoids, lenghty colds, falling of her, her operation of cataract on one eye, and the other’s operation was planned, as another operation concerning her incontinency was planned either. She had problems with her gall-bladder and bloating; her liver had got inflamed several times. She had not eaten anything spicy for 15-20 years. She drank one-one and a half litres.
Based on MeriDim measurement recommendations and the illnesses list I treated her against hair loss, incontinency, hemorrhoids and bloating as well as I also treated the eye master point by electric stimulation device. Taking the intestinal clock into consideration we discussed how she could help herself using the tonifying and sedating effects of the five elements theory.
I also recommended calcium-fluoratum Schuessler salt, D 12  3 times one/day (she bought it weeks later).

She came to me for therapy two times weekly. After the second occasion her bloating ceased and she characterized her physical condition as very good.
After the fourth treatment she did not need a wad for night. Now we have completed 14 treatments, and she have not used a wad up to now for night. By daylight she has problems of some drops escaping every second or third day when she lifts heavy objects (to the contrary of her age she does hard physical work).

She is very happy, physically even more active and energetic. Her eye improved, she has no bloating since the start of the treatments, and the hairloss also stopped.
She is still coming for treatment once a week.

November 2011

dr. V.N.



16-year-old girl with grocer’s itch on both palms and fingers starting 3 years before. Strong itches mainly at night, the skin of the hand is very dry, even cracked, and inflamed between the fingers.
The dermatologist recommended ointments which proved to be good just for a short while.She told me that she sweated much and had hemorrhoids. She drank 2-3litres per day.
Apart from the points recommended by MeriDiM I treated some other taken from the illnesses list, namely rashes, hemorrhoids and allergy by electric stimulation.
Two days after the first treatment I could not believe my eyes and are very sorry for not having taken her photograph. Her hands were beautiful, and she told that she had not had itches that very first night. and was getting better ever since. At school her relations with her teacher and classmates improved very much. First she came to me three times a week, later two times, finally once a week. I do not know for how long she intends to come to me, but several people told me that they had been very well after treatment and would like to come at least once a week.

Those cases proved to me the real effectiveness of the method, as we did not use any other treatment but those recommended by MeriDiM software based either on personal measurements or the illnesses list.
I want again and again thank you for making the meriDiM available for us on all levels, and I need not mention the grateful patients…

November 2011

dr. V.N.