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Címlap Testimonials


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"I love this device! It is very good to work with, as it helps my work immensely. When I got its test variation, I tried it on my colleagues and family. After the treatment everybody felt better. Two of them, whom had a lot of points to treat, felt like going to sleep. However after a quarter of an hour they felt refreshed. Formerly they had told me that they could not sleep properly, or they awoke regularly. That night they slept real tight. I heartily recommend this method to every ear acupuncturist."

Dr. MD. Maria Szilágyi, doctor and alternative therapist

"I  feel this little device is an enormous asset for me helping me considerably in my healing business. It is easy to use (that is important for a woman!). One can measure with it very quickly and also it is very spectacular for clients – ever sceptical ones are interested seeing the charts and descriptions. Those diagnosed are often overwhelmed… And the results… those are incredible!

I could change the whole world of a friend with just one treatment: she had had severe diarrhea for almost 7 years which was very annoying. With quite a lot of points to have treated, she told me about the incredible fact: she had normal stool once a day after the first treatment! I really feel about MeriDiM as if I sit in a Lexus for the price of a Fiat!

Thank you, István!

Anikó Kocsis, alternative therapist"

„Congratulations to you, as you have a fantastic, a huge invention!
I have had a test run with the MeriDiM: I have measured a couple of our patients, and the results are very interesting to me, because I know their background. Your meriDiM have exactly justified their CT or PET CT findings, by which their liver of bone metastases were diagnosed.
Now I am fully encouraged to use this device! I think work with it will be very useful!"

Sz. Gyöngyi
natural healer