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Címlap The measurement

The Measuring Process

MeriDiM® TYPES OF MEASUREMENTWith a probe head one measures the energy levels of 12 main meridians on certain points of the hands and feet with the step by step help of the computer program which directs the measuring process by photo illustrations. Data gathered are automatically saved and stored.

Measurements can be taken according to 3 different systems:

a.) Tsing

b.) Ryodoraku

c.) Point and zone search


Tsing measurement

Tsing points are the beginning/ending points of the 12 main meridians

Ryodoraku measurement

Traditional points of RYODORAKU system

Ryodoraku points are 5- times more active points than Tsing points.

Point Search Function

As to the length of the measuring, one can choose from two possibilities: one is unlimited, arbitrary, the other is a 5 seconds process.

Unlimited measuring goes on until the probe is connected with (touched onto) the measured point, in other words until the user takes it off the client.
In case of the 5 seconds measuring function, the device gathers data of the selected point for 5 seconds.
To start measuring you should first select the preferred measurement type, then the program presents the first point to be measured waiting for data via the device.