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The device

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MeriDiM® has been designed so as to comply with the highest quality requirements:

• No batteries are necessary as the measurements would become less reliable as the batteries reach the end of their service lives; the device receives power to operate from the computer via a USB connection.
• Automatic recording of results: comfortable, fast, safe – measurement results are automatically recorded without touching the keyboard. Needless to say, options to correct the measurement data manually are available.
• Maximum hygiene is ensured by the easy-to-change, disposable cotton rod that can be inserted into the probe head.
• Gilded contact elements for extended life cycle.
• Contact between the device and the computer is ensured by a USB port in compliance with contemporary requirements ensuring easy handling. 
• In order to ensure precision of readings, the device performs several measurements every second and self-calibrates automatically.

Safety features

• The software of MeriDiM is protected by a password; therefore safe from unauthorised access to clients´ data.
• MeriDiM only starts after connection of the device (hardware), protecting data in case of theft.
• Both client and status assessment data can be saved onto external memories allowing the preparation of regular safety copies for the sake of data protection.

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