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MeriDiM® Contemporary Meridian Diagnostic

MeriDiM® Contemporary Meridian Diagnostic

Electronic evaluation of the meridian system

Mapping energy blocks, disharmonies, evaluate and document the results, you are offered clear and simple charts, graphics and quality images…

One picture worth a thousand words

One picture worth a thousand words

Electronic evaluation of the meridian system

Evaluation are complex through well designed and visually very attractive charts.



Evaluation are complex through well designed charts

Evaluation are complex through well designed and visually very attractive charts. Several considerations are taken into account, and the result…



The recommended therapy is demonstrated step by step

The recommended therapy is demonstrated step by step on a photo of a human ear.



acupuncture, auriculoacupuncture, acupressure, reflexology

Besides offering treatment recommendations to acupuncture, auriculoacupuncture, acupressure and reflexology professionals following customised energetical assessment it also serves as an…

H-B-S Module

H-B-S Module

Homeopathy, Bach flower remedies and Schuessler salts

Following a ’tailor-made’ individual diagnostics measurement we can choose as a treatment protocol homeopathy, Bach flower remedies and Schuessler salts…

Comparison of measurements

Comparison of measurements

It is possible to compare any two measurement values

It is possible to compare any two measurement values of a patient, e.g. as a follow up after treatment, but…

Balance Chart

Balance Chart

Shows personal and actual phase of Chi energies

It shows personal and actual phase of Chi energies, Chi stability and imbalances of Yin/Yang laterally measured in comparison with…

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Measurements comparisons; Before- After



Measurement of the LU9 point 24 times consecutively





I take pleasure to inform you that MeriDiM® introduce a new module:Ear Acupuncture Phases Module




Tooh&Spine Module


How does the new module help?

  • Firstly: Depending on the measurement, graphically represented coloured colums ( except green coloumns) would indicate dependig on the type and location of the tooth, the corresponding organ/organ system disorders. read more




Reliable MeriDiM

The MeriDiM® device has scored excellently in our auricular research  (’evidence-based’ type).*

The resarch has been aimed at the effects of the 5-point auricular therapy validated by a lab test (serum prolactin level).

The measuring was based on TCM’s meridian system (using the 12 main meridian starting and ending points), by the technical method of measuring the changes of the skin’s electric conduct capacity. The result has been significant (p< 0,001 – 99% reliability).

* publication under review

What is MeriDiM®?

The main principle

The graphic depicting of the state of the 12 main meridians that reflect basic biological


functions – either in acute and chronic disorders – involves a spectacular mapping of disbalanced  energetical states as well as the documentation of the normalized functions after  a proper treatment - thus giving way of an objective follow-up.

The various energetical  therapies (acupuncture, homeopathy, Bach flower therapy) can integratively affect biological functions, so harmonize the different functional disorders of meridians. In other words they can enhance the biothermodinamic state of the human body.

"I love this device! It is very good to work with, as it helps my work immensely. When I got its test variation, I tried it on my colleagues and family. After the treatment everybody felt better. Two of them, whom had a lot of points to treat, felt like going to sleep. However after a quarter of an hour they felt refreshed. Formerly they had told me that they could not sleep properly, or they awoke regularly. That night they slept real tight. I heartily recommend this method to every ear acupuncturist."

Dr MD Maria Szilágyi, doctor and alternative therapist

We recommend MeriDiM which is designed for the generalvaluation of human health for all those practitioners, who aim to blend the very best features of Western medicine and Eastern traditional healing in their work either as therapists or lecturers.

Dr. István Széchenyi, psychologist and acupuncture therapist (both body and auricular) has developed his MeriDiM system, the Meridian Digital Measuring Device on the basis of the laws of Chinese traditional healing, Japanese ( Dr Nakatani's ) Ryodoraku technique, Dr. Paul Nogier's system  and his 18-year-long therapeutical, educational and research work together with those of Western technologies.

The  3 basic elements of MeriDiM

Meridian Diagnostic 1.) First fundamental element of the software is the Ryodoraku-system.

Dr.Yoshio Nakatani MD, PhD developed his electro-acupuncture diagnostics and therapy method in 1951. Measuring the electric conductivity of the skin he proved that the traditional acupuncture skin points of the meridians create a network.   He named the points ’Ryodoten’, meaning hyperelectric conducting point; the system got the name: RYODORAKU (’ryo’ measning ’good’, ’do’: electric, ’raku’: line).


Dr.Nakatani had worked on his method until it became applicable for both diagnostics and therapies. He measured diagnostically the skin – all meridians - by an electric device, then he developed his charts of bioelectric hyper- and hypofunctions. Therapy included the stimulation of certain acupoints which showed signs of hypofunction, and the calming of hyperfunctioning meridians. Additional points werre used to harmonize meridians, if he experienced significant differences between the left and right sides bioelectric-wise.

Several research prove the increased conductivity of the meridians, so the Ryodoraku diagnostics and therapies method is an effective way of detecting and locating disorders, as well as of the bioenergetic correction of the lost equilibrium.

Other basic diagnostics are: 2.) Tsing-well system (measurements on the starting and end points of the 12 main meridians)  3.) Diagnostic map outlined by the so-called point search system.

Those 3 main basics ensure the complexity of the measuring process and the accuracy of the meridian mapping.


What is the greatest merit of MeriDiM®?

Perhaps its greatest merit can be seen in its being a device with considerable potential and outstanding price-value rate which greatly helps therapists in successful work. Mapping energy blocks, disharmonies  you are offered clear and simple charts, graphics and quality images as well as textual evaluations onto which a dozen therapies can be based: acupuncture, ear acupuncture, acupressure, homeopathy, Bach flower remedies, Schüssler salts, various types of massage, reflexology, kinesiology, meditation techniques, yoga, tay-chi, chigoong, etc.

MeriDiM partnerThe various energetic therapies can affect biological functions integratively, thus harmonize different functional disorders of the meridians; in other words they influence human biothermodinamics in a positive way.

Although offering individual diagnostics and therapeutic recommendations, MeriDiM does not operate as a therapeutic device in itself, but it greatly supports the set-up of complex individual therapies so accurate that your clients will leave your office completely satisfied. From among the available therapies recommended by MeriDiM, practitioners can select and use those that are the most suitable for them concerning their competence. At present two modules are available: Ear Acupuncture Module and the triple HBS Module (that is ’Homeopathy, Bach Flower Therapy and Schüssler Salts’ Modul), and soon the newest, Body Acupuncture Module will also be available.

Additional benefits of MeriDiM are:
- it is objective,
- quick,
- accurate,
- reliable,
- its measurements can be repeated,
- can be consulted permanently.

How therapists are helped by MeriDiM®?


Treatment supportThe three-fold treatment support is a token of success!


1) Tailor-made treatment recommendations based on personal measurement data.


  • Auricular treament recommendations
  • Treatment recommendations for homeopathic, Bach flower and Schüssler-salts remedies
  • Body acupuncture point recommendations (available soon)


-2) 180 types of disorders can be chosen from a data base together with auricular treatment recommendations

Beyond personal recommendations, the software makes it possible to do treatments according to set point combinations of certain illnesses – enhancing successful healing.


3.) Point and zone searching function which can be used for the mapping of active points and zones, and paralel with that the documentation of those therapeutic regions is also possible.

We offer you a unique solution of meridian diagnostics combined with the method of seeking ’sensitive’ points on the ear with the aim of mappping active regions which can be saved as an image. Documentation can be used later for a subsequent therapy or simple follow-up.

MeriDiM® as a tool of communication:

CommunicationIt enhances communication because evaluation of measurements, the charts and graphics mean a common language between client and therapist.
- Individual, tailor-made evaluation can be printed immediately or can be forwarded to the client via e-mail. Our client can take it away for further study and can understand healing processes.
- It offers a permanent feed-back for the therapist.
- The totally abstract and out-of -reach notion of ’chi’ can become clear and concrete for the client through the various visualization methods. Consequently his or her confidence in you as therapist will be increased, your relationship will develop, and the client will surely return to your office!
The computer software records and stores data, so whenever the client returns we can reproduce with a click his/her entire case history and decide which are the client’s recurring or chronic problems.

Why MeriDiM?

In case of MeriDiM the state-of-the-art  computer technology does not replace but strengthen professional competence. Thus success is reached by the therapist, not by the device! MeriDiM makes it possible that  instead of a device worth several million HUF, healers can obtain an outstanding, still cost-effective means of very modern technology developed in Hungary.



MeriDiM® on XV. World Congress on Medical Acupuncture ( ICMART), Athens, Greece, from May 25th to May 27th, 2012.


Dr. Széchenyi, István; Dr. Valki, Ferenc Dániel; Széchenyi Health Center, Budapest, Hungary

On the picture:  Dr. Chin Chan, MD, president of ICMART; Dr. István Széchenyi, president of TAO

A brief from the congress: " The main focus of this year’s ICMART congress was integrative medicine. Several presentations gave account of the close links between modern and traditional medicine. In terms of methodology, we heard the positive results of studies whose results were supported with MRI, EEG, Holter and ABPM tests. Several researchers stressed the importance of heart frequency variability in tracking the effects of acupuncture treatment and in acupuncture diagnostics.... read more>>"

The main targets

The aim of the research is to emphasize the necessity of the graphic presentation of the state of the 12 main meridians - in case of both chronic and acute disorders - and to map the eventual lack of energetic equilibrium as well as to document functional harmony, the balanced functioning of the body after a well-chosen treatment in a way that the objective follow-up of patients would be ensured.

Relevance: Different energetic therapies (acupuncture, auriculotherapy, homeopathy, Bach flower remedies, Schuessler Tissue Salts) can integratively influence biological functions, so as harmonize the various functional disorders of meridians, that is positively influence biothermodinamic states. (integration.jpg)